Technical Details


  • DAB and DAB+ radio tuners included
  • Adds existing FM/AM broadcasts in digital format
  • Access to many additional channels with specialized content
  • Excellent audio quality with low-interference signals
  • Use component’s memory presets to save stations
  • Direct USB input or USB cable extender connection where installation space is limited behind rear panel
  • Includes Indoor DAB/DAB+ antenna cable
  • Compact, lightweight, and high-quality construction

Compatible Models:
TX-NR474, TX-NR575E, TX-NR676E, TX-RZ720, TX-RZ820, HT-S9800THX, TX-8250
*As of August 2017

A wider program selection
Most government and commercial stations provide digital simulcasts of existing AM and FM broadcasts, but because digital uses bandwidth more efficiently, they’re also able to provide additional digital stations as well. Whether you enjoy jazz, classical, classic rock, easy listening, independent music, or prefer news and talk, you’ll find stations with curated content you want.
Scan, save, and play
Use your component’s existing radio scanner function and preset memory to find and save the stations you enjoy most, so you can access them easily whenever you want.
Sounds better, no interference
Because DAB+ is transmitted using an improved AAC codec, and with most broadcasters offering higher bitrates than first-generation DAB, you can expect sound quality equal to or better than traditional analog FM. Further, digital radio suffers less interference from adjacent channels, and the signal isn’t affected by bad weather conditions.
Supplied accessories
As well as a long indoor radio antenna cable, the USB DAB Adapter also includes a female-to-male USB cable, which allows you to connect the adapter when the receiver is rack-mounted, installed close to a wall, or if there’s little space inside A/V furniture.

Current Product: UDB-1

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