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  • DTS:X™ Compatible
  • Supports Dolby Atmos® Up to 5.1.2 Channels
  • HDMI® 8 In / 2 Out Including 1 Front (4K UltraHD/HDCP 2.2/HDR)
  • Bluetooth Audio / Wi-Fi® with Spotify and AirPlay
  • DSD 5.6 MHz, FLAC 192 kHz/24-bit Hi-Res Audio Capable

7.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver

Home Cinema at the Cutting Edge

Experience the cutting edge of home cinema with the 7.2-channel TX-NR646 Network A/V Receiver, the first in its class to feature the revolutionary DTS:X™ and Dolby Atmos® multi-dimensional audio formats. Onkyo’s high-current amplification system drives your speakers to reproduce soundtracks with maximum impact and fidelity at 160 W/Ch. UltraHD video capability is equally impressive, with eight HDMI® terminals including dedicated HDCP 2.2 compatible inputs for premium 4K video content and two HDMI outputs for video in separate rooms. The TX-NR646’s high-grade 384 kHz/32-bit AKM DAC not only brings movies to life, but your Hi-Res and streamed music as well. Conveniently stream music over built-in Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth, AirPlay, or internet music services including Spotify Connect and Deezer. Use the free Onkyo Remote app to stream audio stored on your mobile device, browse and select tracks from online services, and control playback in two zones. Plus, for fans of vinyl, the TX-NR646 has a phono equalizer input to connect a turntable.

Learn more about DTS:X here

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