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  • Bluetooth® Transforms Mobile Audio Into Room-filling Sound
  • FM/DAB+ Tuner with 40 Memory Presets
  • Connects Your Turntable, CD Player, TV, and Media Streamer
  • Rich and Powerful Sound
  • High Current and Low Impedance Architecture

Stereo Receiver

With Hi-fi Power On Tap, the TX-8220 Offers You More

Universal connectivity meets pure analog amplification in a simple hub that sounds a whole lot better than its modest price suggests. All the essentials are covered with digital audio inputs for TV and BD/DVD player connection, along with four analog line-level inputs for CD player and everything else. But the TX-8220 also takes value up a notch with MM phono input for turntable, DAB+ and FM/RDS radio tuners with 40 presets, and built-in Bluetooth® technology. A few taps on a touchscreen, trackpad, or mouse has music from apps flowing out of your loudspeakers thanks to Auto Connect. See how bass, treble, and balance controls, speaker A/B Drive, and subwoofer pre-out let you calibrate tone to suit unique speakers, customize a multi-zone setup, and enhance LFEs in film soundtracks. Boasting clean, minimal design with maximum versatility, the TX-8220 is great value.

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