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  • Dual DACs and Amps Drive
  • Many Hi-Res Audio Formats
  • Two Types of Balanced Output
  • Realtime DSD Conversion and Upsampling
  • Supreme Listening Experience

Digital Audio Player

A Versatile and Powerful Portable Audio Player and Streaming Device

Onkyo has blazed a trail for Hi-Res audio, from our amplifiers and speakers for home use, to portable amps, headphones and smartphone apps, to the OnkyoMusic download service. Onkyo now introduces its first high resolution digital audio player (DAP), the DP-X1. It is the culmination of our 70 years of designing and engineering audio products, and enables hi-res audio and streaming wherever you go.

  • Top Class DAC and Amp, based on Android™ OS
  • Dual ESS Sabre ES9018K2M DACs and Sabre 9601K Amps
  • Industry First Support for MQA
  • Standard Balanced (BTL) and Active Control Ground (ACG) modes
  • 2.5mm 4-pole and 3.5mm 3-pole output
  • Audio circuit board (DAC/amp board) separated and isolated from main circuit board (CPU board)
  • Closed loop circuit design to limit noise
  • Physical buttons for quick access to music playback control with no need to turn on screen
  • Support for 432GB of storage (up to 200GB per micro SD slot and 32GB internal storage)
  • Based on Android OS with access to Google Play™over Wi-Fi 1
  • Micro USB-B/OTG digital output 2
  • Included accessory: Micro USB cable (1.0m) x1, for power and data transfer.





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