Cohesive Next-Generation Sound and Multi-room Capabilities Enhance a Brilliant New HTiB System

Press Release dated: 25 Apr 2016

OSAKA, JAPAN: With more Dolby Atmos®- and DTS:X™*-encoded Blu-ray blockbusters hitting the shelves every day, now’s the perfect time to experience object-based sound at home with the new HT-S7805 HTiB from the world-leading innovators at Onkyo.

This state-of-the-art UltraHD-ready package seamlessly adapts the soundfield to suit your listening space with AccuReflex phase-adjustment technology. Part of the AccuEQ calibration suite, it ensures that sound—including the overhead sonic dimension—arrives at your ears simultaneously. This contributes to brilliantly clear and focused performance.

The new-generation receiver features Dynamic Audio Amplification for instantaneous high-current power, engrossing you deeply into the multidimensional film, television, or gaming experience. Discrete Non-Phase-Shift Amps, 384 kHz/32-bit DAC, and VLSC™ noise-free processing clarify the audio image and reproduce the energy and vibrancy of the original recording.

Dynamic Audio Amplification makes stereo listening a satisfying experience, whether spinning a favorite LP or streaming audio via Google Cast™*, Wi-Fi®, AirPlay, or Bluetooth.

The receiver has native support for online services including Spotify and TIDAL, enabling the use of dedicated apps or Onkyo’s free control app, which collects all network-streaming options (including Hi-Res Audio from media server) into a slick and intuitive interface.

Any source—such as analog audio, TV sound via HDMI®, or streaming audio—can be mirrored on compatible wireless speakers set up in the kitchen, on the deck, or in the garage via FireConnect™* technology by Blackfire Research. Dedicated Zone 2 DAC and speaker outputs, meanwhile, enable multi-room playback of different sources at the same time. Housewide entertainment is easily controlled with Onkyo apps for iOS or Android™ smartphones.

Leading with next-generation video as well as audio, the receiver passes 4K/60 Hz video with High Dynamic Range and 4:4:4 color space to the latest television displays, and upconverts analog sources (from legacy game consoles or VCR tapes) via a single HDMI cable.

Onkyo has been making high-fidelity speakers for 70 years, and that long experience is evident even in our most affordable systems. Front and center 2-Way speakers in this Dolby Atmos®-certified package include pairs of OMF (Onkyo Micro Fiber) aramid-laminated woofers for accurate sound. A powered slimline 80 W subwoofer with large 20 cm cone lets the receiver focus it’s power on the front, height, and center channels for effortlessly dynamic performance.

Connected and calibrated in moments using supplied cables and AccuEQ microphone, the home theater’s graphic user interface simplifies initial setup, particularly for first-time users, while an overlaid Quick Setup menu offers in-program adjustment without pausing the movie or TV show.

Onkyo believes superb performance and smooth day-to-day operation are not mutually exclusive. The HT-S7805 is an end-to-end home theater solution ready for the future, shipped ready-to-use in a single carton. Overall system quality is outstanding at a realistic price, allowing families to get more from every moment spent together.

Onkyo, Japan

* Enabled via firmware update scheduled around summer, 2016 (timing subject to change). Further details will be communicated on our website and in other media at a later date. FireConnect™-compatible speakers are scheduled for release this summer.


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