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  • Streaming with AirPlay®, Wi-Fi®, Chromecast built-in*, and Bluetooth®
  • Enjoy TIDAL*, Spotify®, Deezer*, and TuneIn
  • Deep and Satisfying Stereo Sound
  • A Smart Match for UltraHD TVs
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Network Stereo Receiver

Musical Sound to Enrich Your Daily Life

At last, a slimline stereo solution that offers universal audio casting while adding 85 W x 85 W of musical power to any audio source... just add speakers. The TX-L20D packs high-value features into a stylish and unobtrusive amp that’s smaller than some BD decks. A wealth of music is at your fingertips courtesy Chromecast built-in, Spotify®, AirPlay®, and Bluetooth® wireless technologies. Select an album from a popular inbuilt streaming service, tune in to DAB+ and FM radio, or enjoy the simple pleasure of vinyl and CD with rich and powerful stereo sound. And with a single-cable HDMI® connection, you can bring TV entertainment to life with performance and usability that both sides of the couch will love.

*1 Service enabled via firmware update TBA



Datasheets Documentation Firmware EC Declaration of Conformity

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