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  • iPod/iPhone Dock for Direct Digital Connection
  • Front Panel USB Port for Flash Drives
  • Efficient Digital Amplifier Circuitry
  • Active Bass Control
  • Compact Yet Solid 2-Way Speakers

CD Hi-Fi Mini System

Colorful CD Mini-System with USB and iPod/iPhone Playback

Seeking a versatile audio system that’ll look and sound great in the den, office, or bedroom? Feast your eyes on the suavely compact CS-245. Offered in a range of chic hues—including a subtle dark brown, a mellow red, and a vibrant yellow-green—the CS-245 has the style to grace any listening space. Along with regular CDs, the disc-player handles all your MP3-encoded CD-Rs. But the playback options don’t end there. On top of the unit is a digital dock for iPod/iPhone, and on the front-side is a USB port that lets you play audio from a flash drive. As always with Onkyo, construction is top-notch. The player/receiver body is supported by seamless steel front and side panels designed to reduce vibrations. The speaker cabinets—edge-rounded, like the main body—are slightly tapered to minimize internal standing waves. And the two-way speaker design incorporates a 10 cm bass-reflex woofer and a balanced-dome tweeter that help deliver a nuanced and musical performance.

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