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A-933 (S)
[["\/assets\/1\/1\/7\/2\/2\/A-933_S_UPP_FR_R640x320.png",""],["\/assets\/1\/1\/7\/2\/2\/A-933__B__R640x320.png",""],["\/assets\/1\/1\/7\/2\/2\/A-933_B_UPP_RC_R640x320.png",""],["\/assets\/1\/1\/7\/2\/2\/A-933_B_UPP_RE_R640x320.png",""]] [["\/assets\/1\/1\/7\/2\/2\/A-933_S_UPP_FR_R976x488.png","","\/assets\/1\/1\/7\/2\/2\/A-933_S_UPP_FR_N2906x1039.jpg","jpg (725.25 KB)","\/assets\/1\/1\/7\/2\/2\/A-933_S_UPP_FR.eps","eps (2.8 MB)"],["\/assets\/1\/1\/7\/2\/2\/A-933__B__R976x488.png","","\/assets\/1\/1\/7\/2\/2\/A-933__B__N9999x9999.png.jpg","jpg (389.47 KB)","\/assets\/1\/1\/7\/2\/2\/A-933__B_.jpg","jpg (259.02 KB)"],["\/assets\/1\/1\/7\/2\/2\/A-933_B_UPP_RC_R976x488.png","","\/assets\/1\/1\/7\/2\/2\/A-933_B_UPP_RC_N443x1352.jpg","jpg (208.52 KB)","\/assets\/1\/1\/7\/2\/2\/A-933_B_UPP_RC.eps","eps (677.16 KB)"],["\/assets\/1\/1\/7\/2\/2\/A-933_B_UPP_RE_R976x488.png","","\/assets\/1\/1\/7\/2\/2\/A-933_B_UPP_RE_N4278x1794.jpg","jpg (2.02 MB)","\/assets\/1\/1\/7\/2\/2\/A-933_B_UPP_RE.eps","eps (7.4 MB)"]] Key Features
  • 80 W/Ch into 8 ohms, 1 kHz, DIN
  • All discrete output stage circuitry
  • Tone control (Bass/Treble/Super Bass)
  • 6 audio inputs and 2 outputs
  • Subwoofer pre out

Integrated Digital Amplifier

A Superb Series Offering Dedicated Audio Engineering with Versatile Music Playback

Without a doubt, digital technology is making some noise in the audio industry. But rest assured that any noise -particularly signal noise - is noticeably absent from the A-933 integrated amplifier and C-733 CD player thanks to Onkyo’s commitment to promoting the cleanest signals through its proprietary technologies like VL Digital, VLSC (Vector Linear Shaping Technology) and Direct Digital Path. The A-933’s dual toroidal power transformers and thick bus plate support a large, stable flow of current and also work to reduce impedance. The C-733 CD player’s impressive engineering enables a super signal-to-noise ratio ensuring supreme playback quality. Capping off this series is the T-433 FM/AM RDS tuner, which uses RDS and Accuclock to deliver radio frequencies that will surprise you with their precision and clarity. Use these componentsas they best meet your needs.


Amplifier Features

  • 80 W/Ch into 8 ohms, 1 kHz, DIN
  • Exclusive Onkyo VL (Vector Linear) Digital technology
  • All discrete output stage circuitry
  • Dual toroidal power transformers for power and low impedance
  • Low impedance thick bus plate

Audio Features

  • Tone control (Bass/Treble/Super Bass)
  • Source direct mode
  • 6 audio inputs and 2 outputs
  • Main in terminal
  • Subwoofer pre out
  • Precision Motor-Driven Volume Control
  • Selectable speaker A/B outputs
  • Banana-plug-compatible speaker posts

Other Performance Features

  • Headphone jack
  • Aluminum high-rigidity chassis (1.6 mm)
  • Brushed hairline aluminum front panel
  • Full-Function RI (Remote Interactive) remote control


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